Pipes, Valves & Fittings



Piping systems for solar hot water, heating, heat pumps and air conditioning technology indoor, outdoor or underground piping system.

  1.  Flexible high-grade stainless steel tube 316L(or 304).Maximum pressure up to 17.5 bar, Rated burst pressure 200 bar  ,1050℃ high temperature annealing heat treatment, food grade
  2. 100% Genuine EPDM insulation pipe. Light, flexible, closed cell, synthetic caoutchouc; free of PVC and non- CFC. Very good ozone resistance, UV-resistant. Work Temperature range from -200℃ to 150℃,Max to 175℃
  3. Seamless UV resistant Jacketing coated on the insulation pipe is with a super high density water proof polyolefin copolymer foil. have excellent performance of UV-resistance , of strong tenacity performance, water proof , Machinery destroy-Protective and bird peck-Protective. passed 500hours UV test
  4. Coil length is available in 10, 15,20,30,60 meters. Other length is available upon customer’s request
  5. Available Size DN16 to DN50


We supply a complete range of sizes; from 6mm to 159mm for all applications and types of installation.