About Us


Green thermal Trading LLC is a leading supplier of high efficiency solar water heaters and other domestic water heating systems equipments. Our team has decades of experience in the design and the turnkey supply of water heating and cooling equipment for DHW. As a service provider, We can help to support almost any Domestic water heating & cooling project.

We believe in innovative design and technologies to define specialized engineering solutions for customers. As well as delivering high quality products on reduced lead times. As an OEM supplier, which enables us to meet product specifications as per customer’s specifications, we also ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Many of our manufacture operate globally and are at the forefront of technology and product development. Most of them are market leaders in their specialist field. We create value for our manufacturers by being the best alternative in their choice of sales channel.

We sincerely hope, by working with our suppliers together in cooperation with our clients, to achieve a cleaner and more eco-friendly world.