Heat Pump & HVAC

Types Available:

Type_1: Air & Water Source Heat pump – Production of Domestic Hot water
Type_2: Reversible heat pump for Swimming Pool Application
Type_3: 4 Pipe Multi Source Heat pump – Production of Domestic Hot & Cold water

Heat Pump & Chillers – Europe

The Heat Pumps, with P410A or R134A refrigerant, are designed for domestic or industrial systems which require medium power, space-saving units and quiet operation. They can be supplied with Mod bus RTU protocol

through RS485 serial interface. Equipped with polyester powder plate painting structure, Screw/Scroll compressors and Shell & tube/plate-type exchangers, these Units are designed for hot water production up to 65°C.

Heat pump with advanced control system, it allows you to individually meet the requirements for cold water and hot water production. The unit can simultaneously manage each of the needs resulting from the heat load and cooling load at the same time achieve the highest possible efficiency.


NOVAIR offers a complete and integrated range of units for air ventilation and handling for residential and industrial applications. Air Handling UnitsFan Coil Units and Roof Top units: all units can be customised and are designed to provide maximum comfort with the highest energy efficiency.



36 customizable models with airflow from 1.000 to 112.000 m3/h
Any design is possible with CTA: one or two levels, side by side, with special dimensions or shapes, or with fully independent sections for air inlet / recirculation.
A wide choice of sections, with several technologies and performance levels, is available. Ventilation, Heat Recovery, Cooling/Heating, Filtration, Humidification, Silencing.
Units are available with different power supply, voltage and frequency (50/60 Hz).